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Media Release: Penny Simons

Fragments of Nature at Southern Highlands Artisan Collective

Image c/o Southern Highlands Artisans Collective

MEDIA RELEASE 8th October 2021


Penny Simons: Fragments of Nature is a series of works threading a message for our home and its mysterious methods of change, survival and intelligence.

Penny Simons is a quiet activist inspired by the potential of the mind when at attention in the presence of our natural environment. Life since the turn of the decade has drawn each of us unexpectedly inward, inducing moments of reflection and change.

In a cocoon of recuperation from surgery and contemplation, Penny drew the concept of her forthcoming show. This, coupled with a continued reverence for raw materials, instilled a metamorphosis of her own volition. Having accepted the invitation to be in ones mind, at home, in very close corners of herself, certain moments of presence illuminated the messages you see in Fragments of Nature.

The collection is peppered with clues and everyday phenomena that we easily misplace day-to-day. “I’ve thought for a while now that the primitive life forms like moss, fungi and seaweed are probably going to be our way out.” A string of hand-drawn Mycelium and literal fragments of nature meet human-produced fibres while primary colours spore vivid beauty.

Fragments of Nature offers a magical lens amid major climate evolution. This series forgoes doom and gloom imagery and slogans of future earth. Instead, beautiful works define a mystical truth, as Penny describes, “it’s more positive, more of a way out”.

On 6th November between 4pm - 6pm we invite you to view Fragments of Nature in the Annex Gallery of Southern Highlands Artisan Collective. Visitors are welcome to view the show between 22nd October — 22nd November at 74 Hoddle Street, Robertson.

Carry your wonderment on you at all times, and pack your intentions for positive stewardship of Earth as we walk further into the 20s; nature’s invitation to change.

For more information follow @shac_robertson or visit


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